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g-giantwaves said: Hi, i have a problem, i' m going to boston and new york to study english at the and of august for two weeks and i dont know what can i wear 😥 can u give me some advice, some outfits? Please help me I love your blog

NY and Boston aren’t like the jungle, or the tundra, or the deep sea…wherever you’re from, you can wear exactly what you wear at home in NY and Boston. Just be prepared for the hot weather and you should be good. If you need some inspiration for the 2 weeks, take a look at my archive and hopefully it’ll spark an idea for some outfits during your stay in the States. Best of luck during your studies!

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kelzosays said: instant follow because damn, this blog is fiiiine

Whyy thank ya!

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donavonbentley said: We adore your blog. xx Donavon Bentley Team

And we here love you all right back. Thank you!

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