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Death by Elocution

Are there any U.S stores that sell the type of mens clothing that is on your blog? Also do you have an IG?

Asked by yurrp

Honestly, the menswear on my tumblr is basic and accessible. Actually, most of the clothing on my tumblr is. There isn’t like this one special store, it’s ALL ABOUT THE STYLING, people!! So, you can try J. Crew, or Vince, or Club Monaco, but work on styling over branding…menswear is best when it’s not too fussy. Stick with the staples.

How would you style a sequin dress, without it being too girly? Thought you would be the best person to ask! Thank you xx

Asked by hereisalicia

I get this “not too girly” question a lot and all I can suggest is, change up your styling. Do an edgier look with your hair and makeup, but you know what? Sequin dresses are girly…that’s just what they are…embrace it.