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Death by Elocution

Hi! Same as everyone else, I am really enjoying your blog. I am in need of re-doing my wardrobe and love your simple style. Where would you suggest finding staple, quality items at an affordable price? Also, do you have any advice for de-cluttering a wardrobe/closet. I can’t seem to part with clothes that I haven’t worn in over a year.

Asked by crowleysarah

Sorry about the late reply! 

So about having a tough time throwing out items in your closet to de-clutter, I feel your pain. It ain’t easy. But one thing I’ve realized is that once it’s in the trash or donation box or sold, you don’t think about it again. I mean EVERY once in a while you might regret throwing out that one sweatshirt that came back into trend, but it rarely happens. Just bite down and get rid of it and detox your wardrobe; making room for newer and fresher pieces.

If you go on my site and enter “wardrobe essentials” into the search bar, a couple of suggestions should come up. Hopefully it’ll be helpful.

Thanks for your kind words!